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Internet in Iraq
Internet in Iraq
Internet in Iraq
Internet in Iraq
VSAT Internet Iraq

ATS provides VSAT Internet Iraq

What camps and areas do you service VSAT Internet Iraq?
Advanced Technology Systems is the only American-based company serving VSAT Internet Iraq including all military camps, business development and reconstruction zones, remote locations, and other regions of the Middle East.

How much does it cost and how do I get started with my VSAT Internet Iraq?
Click on our Contact Us section. By answering the questions in this section, you will help us provide you with the right information for your VSAT Internet Iraq needs.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment through PayPal (which allows you to pay via your bank accounts or credit cards), Electronic Funds/Wire Transfer from your bank to our bank, Cash, Western Union and credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Does your VSAT Internet Iraq support on-line gaming?
The challenge with some on-line games is that that they are designed for somewhat instantaneous back and forth action. Latency is inherent with all VSAT services. So, games that do not require immediate interaction work best. Note however, general web surfing, downloading and uploading data (documents, photos, music, etc.) and e-mail communications do not have any issues.

Internet Iraq

Does your VSAT Internet Iraq support web cameras (web cams)?
We offer several plans that are able to accommodate the need for web cams.

Can I share my VSAT Internet Iraq with other users? Do I need additional equipment to share my VSAT Internet Iraq?
Sharing is the best way to also share the cost of the VSAT Internet Iraq. We can provide you with the networking equipment needed and also establish your network of the VSAT Internet Iraq if you desire.

How long does it take to get my VSAT Internet Iraq?
Delivery and installation usually takes about 3-4 days. Whether you follow our straight forward self-installation instructions or we manage the installation of your VSAT Internet Iraq, you'll be up and running in no time! However, depending upon your location and security situation, delivery can be longer. We will work with you at the time of ordering to provide you with a proper date expectation.

Can I install the VSAT Internet Iraq myself? Can ATS install the VSAT Internet Iraq?
The answer is Yes to both questions. We offer simple directions and 24 x 7 Customer Support for self-installation which is fairly straight forward. However, many of our clients prefer that we come to their location to establish the VSAT Internet Iraq. Our local team will have you up and running quickly.

Internet Iraq

ATS services these military bases and military camps in Iraq and Afghanistan:

US Military Bases in Iraq:
  • Forward Operating Base Abu Ghraib, Abu Ghraib Iraq.
  • Camp Balad
  • Kirkuk Airport
  • Camp Victory, Camp Liberty, BIAP
  • Camp Speicher
  • Camp Delta
  • Al Asad Air Base Baghdadi Iraq.
  • Al Taqaddum Air Base Habbaniya Iraq.
  • Camp Baharia Fallujah Iraq.
  • Camp Fallujah Fallujah Iraq.
  • Camp Gannon Husaybah Iraq.
  • Blue Diamond Ramadi Iraq.
  • Camp Ramadi Ramadi Iraq.
US Military Bases in Afghanistan:
  • Camp Rhino Afghanistan.
  • Registan Desert Afghanistan.
  • Kandahar Afghanistan.
  • Kandahar International Airport Afghanistan.
  • Bagram Airbase Afghanistan.
  • Camp Marmal Afghanistan.
  • FOB Gibraltar Afghanistan.
  • Gardez Air Base Afghanistan.
  • Khyber Border Coordination Center Afghanistan.
  • Bagram Theater Internment Facility Afghanistan.
Can you help us establish our VSAT Internet Iraq?
Yes. ATS can provide you with the equipment and personnel to help you establish your VSAT Internet Iraq. ATS also offers professional IT consulting for network design, installation and configuration for your telecommunications and networking needs. Contact Us and we can determine how to best serve your needs.

Why might I need help escorting VSAT Internet Iraq?
We can ship directly to many camps within Iraq, however, for installation we have to be escorted inside many camps as our personnel are civilians and cannot get into a military base without an authorized escort.

Why is Advanced Technology Systems VSAT Internet Iraq Considered Superior?
  • With VSAT Internet Iraq, we use only the highest quality equipment to provide better transmission with our 2 Watt Radio.
  • ATS chose to partner with Hughes Network Systems to provide our VSAT Internet Iraq. Hughes is well know for their exceptional quality and provides a 99.95% service performance guarantee.
  • Our coverage - we continue to offer the best coverage in Iraq.
  • We are the only American company with physical locations in Iraq. Our clients are there - and so we need to be there.
  • 24 x 7 Customer Service. You'll work directly with us - not a third party for your VSAT Internet Iraq needs.
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Simplicity and Expertise Best Describes Our VSAT Internet Iraq.
For single users or small groups, we provide you with everything you need to have your VSAT Internet Iraq working in just hours and can even install the VSAT Internet Iraq for you if you prefer. Our instructions are straight forward, and our VSAT Internet Iraq is outstanding.

For complex networking applications, we have the experts close by. ATS is the only Hughes partner with satellite locations in Iraq. Our professionals are available for consulting as well as on-site visits for all of your information technology needs. Visit our Business Solutions section for more detailed information about our our VSAT Internet Iraq network and our consulting services.

ATS offers VSAT Internet Iraq. If you need VSAT Internet Iraq ATS specializes in providing global satellite access services. VSAT Internet Iraq for soldiers and VSAT Internet for soldiers in Iraq. VSAT Internet Iraq.

ATS provides VSAT Internet Iraq and is the only American-based company serving all areas of Iraq including all military camps, business development and reconstruction zones, remote locations, and other regions of the Middle East. If you need VSAT Internet Iraq contact ATS.

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